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Forum Donaustadt

Geothermal Activation of underground structural walls

Scientific Planning Support with geothermal Simulations

The project consists of 6 buildings with different uses. Under the basement floor slab there are underground structural walls of up to 30 m depth.

Our teams’ focus was to analyse the potential of the use of geothermal energy through this underground structure. 

To quantify the geothermal energy use, the specific in- and outgoing powers through the walls were calculated using a dynamic simulation of the ground based on measurements and underground water temperatures. Based on this, the energy inputs and outputs could be calculated and were the basis for further energy system planning.

Realisation 2022/2025, site area: 15.000 m², total floor area: 105.000 m²

Architects: Delugan Meissl Associated Architects

Geothermal simulation: geothermal activation of underground structural walls

Project brief


Quantify the geothermal energy potential of the underground structural walls


Scientific planning support during the planning phase:

• dynamic simulation of the ground and the structural walls

• calculation of the energy flows through the walls

Our Role

As part of Ingenieurbüro P. Jung:

Dynamic thermal simulations of the ground

Advising the HVAC planing team on the expected energy flows through the structural walls

Project Partners

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